Be Bop Lobby bar - ‘all brand-new’!


BE - a word that really matters to us. It represents for us mainly humour and playfulness which connect us and open the new door of our imagination. In fact, not only ours. Above all, it is about you becoming what you want.

The concept around the word ‘be’ has been going on since 2014. Already then we were crossing certain boundaries. But now everything has been revamped; not just the design of the whole menu but also the concept of our cocktails, which we traditionally call Be Bop Signatures (


We have concealed the menu in a brown leather folder decorated with golden Art Deco patterns, which builds on our tradition of the Be Bop Bars.

And to match with everything new, we've got new outfits that complement it all. Our new red shoes and our "fresh look" are now hard to miss!

Your Be Bop team.

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