Be Stressless - hit of the summer season!


Are you digging out your sunglasses, deckchair and parasol, and looking forward to some relaxation? We’ve prepared for you a holiday packed for travel in the form of a drink which will guarantee your dream holiday. As every one of us dreams of different things, we have left room for your imagination. And so it happens that human faces or hearts, modelled from sand for joy, are brought back to our bar. A lot can be made from sand; therefore, we added it to Be Stressless, amongst other things, so that for a moment we could shake off all the stress and strain, nowadays so frequent in our lives.

All of us are sometimes tired and need rest. The creative spirit is boundless, so everybody can enjoy it in our comfortable chairs in various ways. If you're used to having sand everywhere when you get back from the beach, that’s not the case with us. Our sand won’t get under your swimsuit.

About the drink as such – we’ve added passion fruit and two types of rum which contributed to the right refreshing taste. When creating this drink, we sensed it would be the hit of the summer season. But only you’ve begun adding value to it, thus making Be Stressless an unforgettable experience not only for you. Thank you and we wish you a beautiful summer!

You can find Be Stressless and our other cocktails in our BEBOP SIGNATURES

Your Be Bop team.

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