Macallan 195711 857.00 EUR

The Most precious bottle in our bar. Created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding Italian company Rinaldi Brothers in Bologna. The distillation took place in 1957 and was bottled in 1982.
Tasting notes: bitter chocolate, coffee, raisins and oak wood




Macallan n.678.90 EUR

Aged since 1995 in spanish oloroso Sherry-Seasoned Casks, resulting in dark amber color and unmistakable flavor. It is encased in a statuesque crystal decanter made by the prestigious lalique glassmaker.
Tasting notes: dried fruit, cinnamon, orange, nutmeg

1 CL 


Macallan Reflexion63.00 EUR

Macallan reflexion matured in spanish sherry and american bourbon casks. Small contents of the casks (only 250l) give Macallan reflexion unique character in which the taste of whiskey and the smell of wood combines.
Tasting notes: caramel, cinnamon, dried lemon

1 CL

Macallan Rare Cask19.60 EUR

Apparently the most varied whisky manufactured by the Macallan distillery. It is a mixture from 16 different types of barrels, which are individually selected with regard to their character.
Tasting notes: vanilla, raisins, chocolate

1 CL

Louis XIII.63.00 EUR

Louis XIII. is a mixture of 1,200 eaux -de-vie coming from Grande Champagne. Each decanter materializes the achievement of many generations of winemakers. The present winemaker, Baptiste Loiseau, also sets aside the best from the production as the inheritance for generations to come in distant future.
Tasting notes: walnuts, figs, honey

1 CL

Martell L’or63.00 EUR

Martell L’or comes from Borderies and Grande Champagne regions. The sole decanter hides more than 400 very rare eaux-de-vie. Some of them are aged up To 100 years.
Tasting notes: black currant, orange peel, vanilla

1 CL

Metaxa Aen, Despina63.00 EUR

It was created to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the company in limited quantities. Only 130 bottles were produced. Full body and exceptional quality come from blend of spirits that fills almost the whole decanter and dates back to the first years of Metaxa. 
Tasting notes: dried grapes,truffles, hazelnuts

1 CL


Rudolf Jelínek Family Reserve 20 YO19.60 EUR

This exceptional slivovitz, a traditional Czech spirit, aged for 20 years in oak casks. Distilled on the 100th anniversary of The company’s foundation.
Tasting notes: vanilla, oak wood, dark fruits

1 CL

Macallan 195711 857.00 EUR

Nejvzácnější lahev v našem baru. Vytvořena k oslavě 25. výročí založení Italské firmy Rinaldi Brothers v Bologni. destilace proběhla v roce 1957 a lahvována byla roku 1982. 

Chuťový profil: hořká čokoláda, káva, rozinky a dubové dřevo

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