Jarda Krejčí

From the river to the sea and then further to the open ocean, in my case from Trutnov to Prague and then to the Great Britain and Ireland. My adventurous nature, strong sense of humanism, zest for life with enthusiasm to learn new things, have always brought me to interesting places and professions and people around. Besides the work with people and customer satisfaction belonged to the fullest of my professional life all the time. Every good pigeon finds its way home, and after ten years abroad, I welcomed the opportunity to return back to Prague and become a member of the Be Bop Bar Lobby.

Oblíbená barva: Modrá i když moje oblíbené fotbalové kluby hrají v červeno - bílé (SK Slavia Praha) a černo - žluté (FC Southport)

Oblíbený sport: Stolní tenis a fotbal

Oblíbený drink: 10 years old Bushmills whisky


Favourite drinks: 10 years old Bushmills whisky

Colour: Blue - even though my favorite football clubs play in red - white (SK Slavia Praha) and black - yellow (Southport FC)

Sport: Football and table tennis